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"ADII Research & Applications (P) Limited have been a pleasure to work with. They have shown 100% commitment to my project from day one, and always demonstrated strong communication skills throughout, which is very important on outsourced projects. They have strong technical skills and they are always helpful when you have problems to solve. If you are looking for a dedicated team of professionals, who get the job done and will stay with you all the way, you could not ask for a better company to work with."
Jon White
Director, Inspired Ideas Limited (Bulgeria)
"ADII has been instrumental in successfully getting my website to production. Until they came along, I was strapped for time and my technical skills were not up to par for the customizations that I desired. ADII came to my rescue, taking the website from my hands and eliminating the stress that comes with such an undertaking. Even after the site has launched, they have been very good about assisting me with any technical issues that arise as the site gets tweaked. If you have a project, at any stage, that you need completed or if you have any outsourcing needs, I highly recommended ADII. Thanks, ADII, for all of your help!"
Thomas Grow
Director, Inove' International, LLC. (USA)
"Working with ADII Research & Applications (P) Limited has been an exercise in ease, expertise and customer satisfaction. As someone who owns a successful IT business, I understand the importance of communicating well with your clients, meeting deadlines and following up to ensure that the job was done right. ADII Research & Applications (P) Limited has shown that they are superb in each of these areas. In addition, I have found that ADII Research & Applications (P) Limited has demonstrated expertise and extensive knowledge in their field and that they have kept up with all of the current and relevant technology. My experience with ADII Research & Applications (P) Limited has been nothing less than a Master's class in customer satisfaction and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for expert service at a reasonable cost and with superb results."
Kam Desai
President, Silicon Solutions Inc. (USA)
"We have been pleased with all of the development and support work provided by ADII."
Tom Avison
Manager, Everyman Media Group Limited (UK)
"... made lots of efforts to meet the project goals, ... very cooperative and responsive."
Avi Katz
Owner of The Story Portal (Israel)
"ADII Research & Applications (P) Limited has been a terrific partner in advising and delivery. Their responsiveness and flexibility is an asset. We are very happy to partner with ADII because we know their constant value add will only benefit our speed and connectivity and help us scale and meet larger challenges."
Divya Singh
Business Director, iScreening Services (P) Limited
"For more than 5 years your group is in charge of our website development and management. I am very glad to record my profound appreciation for the excellent service and support extended by your group to cater to our needs as and when they arise. The modifications of our website is always done on priority basis almost instantly."
Dr. S. S. Tripathy
President, The Uranium