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List of Case Studies

WordPress Customization for A Health Care and Fitness Portal

The project requires deploying a customized WordPress theme for an online magazine for health care and fitness in the USA.

"ADII has been instrumental in successfully getting my website to production. Until they came along, I was strapped for time and my technical skills were not up to par for the customizations that I desired. ADII came to my rescue, taking the website from my hands and eliminating the stress that comes with such an undertaking. Even after the site has launched, they have been very good about assisting me with any technical issues that arise as the site gets tweaked. If you have a project, at any stage, that you need completed or if you have any outsourcing needs, I highly recommend ADII. Thanks, ADII, for all of your help!" (Thomas Grow, Director, Inove' International, LLC.)